Relocation assistance

We know that relocation can be one of the most challenging parts of an international assignment so we’re here to help assignees and their immediate families experience a smooth and stress-free transition.

Whether the assignment is 1,000 or 6,000 miles away, we’ll help you with lots of different aspects of your move from flights and shipping to housing and bank accounts. We’ll also help you with immigration and tax compliance if needed.


PwC will provide flights for you and your immediate family to relocate to the host territory. These flights will need to be booked through an approved PwC travel office. Flight expenses can be claimed when you arrive in the host office. If this presents a problem, please speak to your home Global Mobility Contact and they’ll assist with any alternative arrangements.


Each assignee will be allocated a shipping allowance in order to transport personal items overseas. Your Global Mobility Contact will provide you with our preferred shipping suppliers and will talk you through the process of organising the transportation of your belongings.

Temporary accommodation

PwC will provide you with temporary accommodation when you arrive in the host country. This is intended to give you a base while you settle in and find your permanent accommodation. Your Global Mobility Contact will give you further information on the temporary accommodation and advise you on booking arrangements.

Permanent accommodation

Some of the larger territories may use an external company to assist you with locating and securing a property. If your host country does not provide this service, your overseas Global Mobility Contact will be able to give you advice on finding a property. They can also put you in touch with other assignees that have been through the same experience.

Settling-in allowance

You’ll generally receive a small settling-in allowance when you arrive in the host country. This allowance is determined by individual territories and is provided to help you acclimatise to your new environment.